Wyoming Disabled Hunters (WDH) provides fall elk, deer and antelope hunts. To qualify to apply and potentially be drawn for a Wyoming big-game hunt with Wyoming Disabled Hunters, interested hunters must obtain a Wyoming Disabled Hunter permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Qualified hunters should also seek a season extension permit if they qualify.

WDH provides room and board for all our hunters. The only out-of-pocket cost would be round trip expenditures to Wyoming and the cost of a hunting license.  Qualified hunters may apply for financial assistance with our online financial assistance form.

Open application period from December 1st through January 25th.  Applicants who are 50% or higher service-related disabled veterans and civilians in wheelchairs are eligible to get their game tag donated to them.

Deer Hunts

Deer hunts are October 28th-30th. WDH has opportunities for rifle and bow hunts. Mule deer and whitetail opportunities are available.

Elk Hunts

The Elk hunts will start in late September and run through mid-November. Wyoming Disabled Hunters elk hunt opportunities are primarily cow elk with a possibility of one or two bulls.

Antelope Hunts

These hunts are mid-September and are usually with donated game tag given the difficult draw odds. Unfortunately, these hard-to-draw game tags favor disabled veterans or wheelchair-user hunters.

For more information on these hunts please use our Contact page and direct any questions to our President, Terry Skinner or Vice President, Bryce Fauskee.

Happy Hunting!