Scheduled Hunts | Wyoming Disabled Hunters

Scheduled Hunts

Wyoming Disabled Hunters (WDH) will be providing hunts for elk, deer and antelope in the fall.  If you qualify, you should also get the season extension permit and the shoot from a vehicle permit.

To qualify for these hunts, hunters will first have to qualify for and obtain Wyoming Disabled Hunters permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

WDH provides room and board for all our hunters. The only out-of-pocket cost would be round trip expenditures to Wyoming and purchasing a hunting license.  WDH can help with these expenditures for hunters that qualify for financial assistance per our guidelines.  Our financial assistance form is located below our hunt application, both being online applications.  One can apply online for our hunts during the open application period from December 1st through January 28th.    Applicants who are 50% service related disabled veterans are eligible to get their license donated to them.  This option has also been opened up to civilians in a wheel chair.  This is an option for all 3 species we hunt.  Non veterans and non wheelchair bound hunters can apply to WDH and buy for their license after being drawn to hunt with WDH.

Deer Hunts

The tentative dates for the deer hunt are October 27th-30th. WDH has opportunities for rifle and bow hunts

Hunters will be responsible for their license cost and their transportation to Wyoming unless they qualify for financial assistance or qualify for a donated license.

Elk Hunts

The Elk hunts will start in late September and run through mid November.

Wyoming Disabled Hunters has hunt opportunities for both cows and bulls in 5 separate locations.

Antelope Hunts

These hunts are in mid September and are usually with donated licenses since they’re very hard to draw.  Unfortunately, this usually leaves us limited to either disabled veterans or wheelchair user hunters.

For more information on these hunts please use our Contact page and direct any questions to our President, Terry Skinner or Vice President, Bryce Fauskee.

Happy Hunting!